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30 December 1986
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So, my names Anna. I am 21 years old and I have occupied this part of LJ-land since late 2001. Crazy, huh? Years ago, you would found alot of my insane ramblings in this place(not so much nowadays).

I have written hundreds of this little info pages, but still falter when i have to update. I like winter; both the "being inside, by the fire, drinking tea and snuggling next to someone special" Winter and the "outside in the middle of the storm, rain beating into your skin and washing everything away, thinking the nature really has it against you" winter. I love nature, sometimes its the only thing that can calm and still me.
I am still at Uni, Majoring in Youth Work, Minoring in Addiction Studies. I also juggle working at my local JB HiFi(the perks of this being I can prattle on to scifi nerds all day if I so desire.)
I am powerful & I am precious.

I buy my awesome t-shirts from Threadless. I support these campaigns.

Support Amnesty International
Stop Global Warming

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